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I have struggled with knee pain for several years, and although I have my name on the waiting list for knee replacements, I was extremely reticent given the very invasive procedure, and even longer recovery time. I decided to try stem-cell therapy after reading an article about the benefits and less invasive treatment that this could offer. After a very informative and professional consultation with Dr. Azhar and his colleagues, I decided to have the treatment, it’s been four weeks since my final treatment, although I had been told it could take months to feel the benefit, I am pleasantly surprised to find that my knees are at least 50 percent improved, finally, I can get to sleep without aching knees. Also walking is much improved and my limp has disappeared. I fully recommend Dr. Azhar and his team, not only for the scrupulously clean treatment room but also for the subsequent kind and understanding way in which every step was explained with much care and obvious knowledge, aftercare and follow-ups were also exemplary. I am happy to speak personally to whoever is considering ,
Lesley Murray
Greater Manchester

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