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About Orthocure Pain Management and Therapies Clinic

Orthocure Pain management clinic provides you and assists you in gaining the ability to achieve a better quality of life by helping you get rid of your chronic pains or reducing them to a significantly low level. We use non-invasive and non-surgical techniques and provide you with the most comprehensive pain management clinic option for our patients. Furthermore, we focus on treating our patients through the use of autologous biological materials to improve the lives of our patients.

We have qualified orthopaedic consultants on board who individually assess your case and draw down the best-suited way to help you embark on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Our team consists of the best pain relief specialist and orthopaedic surgeons in Manchester that are entirely qualified to provide you with a head-to-toe clinical diagnosis and the most suitable treatment protocol.

Pain Management Treatment

Regenerative knee pain treatment A safe option to avoid surgery

Imagine extending your knee to the point where it stiffens and aches. What if your knee discomfort intensifies and makes you agitated? You may be concerned because of its deteriorating health, and your knee pain management doctor near me has previously suggested surgery as a treatment option. Not to worry! Our regenerative therapies might help you fix your shoulder issues without

Pain Conditions

Orthocure pain management clinics can cater for all different sorts of pain conditions. After a patient’s thorough diagnosis, we move forward with an extensive diagnosis through X-rays and MRIs and detect any underlying and apparent issues causing the pain. Our pain relief Specialist makes sure to relieve your pain without any general anesthesia or surgery. Following are some of the pain conditions we treat.

Knee pain &

Meniscus Tears

Meniscus Tears

Ligament problems (ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL)

Bursitis (Bursitis of the Knee)

Bursitis (Bursitis of the Knee)

Foot pain


Elbow Pain

Shoulder pain

Meet Our Team

We have assembled a team of the top regenerative therapists, physicians, knee pain management doctor near me and medical assistants. With many years of expertise effectively treating dozens of chronic pain disorders, our professionals can use the most appropriate regenerative treatment for your medical needs and requirements.

Our Services

As we mentioned earlier, at regenerate pain management clinics, we opt for non-invasive and non-surgical treatments to cure our patients. Before our treatments, we run a thorough examination and radiological investigation of our patients to see if they are suitable for treatment. We specialize in the following different treatments


Radial tenosynovitis


Tennis elbow

Knee Treatment


Plantar fasciitis

Hip Osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis


Golfer/Tennis Elbow

Pain Management Treatment

Non Surgical Treatments

We follow simple walk in / walk out procedures without including hospitalization or general anaesthesia. Our methods will provide you with excellent results, but unlike surgeries, the rehabilitation time for our treatments is less, and there wouldn’t be any surgery-related risk. Our treatments are designed to commence the natural healing process from the first stage of the treatment, so the results wouldn’t be visible immediately. However, your quest to search for” the best pain clinic near me” has ended, owing to Orthocure high-quality pain management services around Manchester.

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Do you want to live a peaceful life without any discomfort, pain, or swelling in your knees? If yes, then contact knee pain management doctor near me today and book an appointment for our regenerative knee treatment.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Who is a Pain Management Specialist?

Pain Management Specialists are generally Doctors who can treat pain resulting from disease, disorder or trauma.

What role does a Pain Specialist offer?

Pain specialists reevaluate and treat a wide range of different pain problems.

What are the various types of Pain Management?

1. Acute pain
2. Chronic Pain/ non-malignant pain
3. Neuropathic pain.
4. Nociceptive pain.
5. Radicular pain.

How does your treatment stand out?

Our treatment stands out on the following basis:
1. We offer natural treatment
2. We provide non-surgical options, reducing risks associated with surgery
3. Our rehabilitation time is lesser.
4. No general anesthesia is used; we use only local anesthesia like the dentists.
5. We provide certified, highly skilled and experienced doctors.