Non-Surgical Regenerative Therapy

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To help repair sickness and injury, regenerative therapy uses biological material collected directly from the patient’s body. The therapy has changed the game in expediting healing, repairing tissue, and alleviating pain. Orthocure regenerative treatments are non-surgical, minimally invasive solutions to reduce pain and get you back to doing what you love sooner and without surgery. There are several ways to start your relief and healing process if you struggle with pain or injury, such as the knee, hip, or shoulder discomfort. The standard course of therapy is generally surgery, pain medication, or a combination of the two. While pain pills and surgeries have their merits, there is another type of pain alleviation that many people do not consider: Regenerative Medicine.

Regenerative Medicine Is A Non-Surgical Therapy

Regenerative medicine is a non-surgical therapy option that uses the body’s natural healing mechanism to restore damaged tissue, mend injuries more efficiently, and relieve pain. Regenerative medicine addresses the underlying cause of pain without the need for drugs or surgery, resulting in greater function and flexibility with a faster recovery period than surgical treatments. Our regenerative medicine specialists pioneered these safe and successful outpatient treatments for a range of joint, tendon, ligament, and spinal disorders.



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Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative therapy is an alternative therapy option that has been shown to be effective not just by scientists and researchers but also by clinicians who use it for several ailments, including persistent pain from arthritis and osteoarthritis. Patients in pain may become overly reliant on standard drugs to alleviate their symptoms. However, any temporary alleviation does not result from addressing the source of the discomfort. On the other hand, Regenerative therapy will eventually aid begin the self-healing cycle in the wounded region of the body, with the final result being pain alleviation.

Non-Surgical Regenerative Therapies

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Regenerative Therapy: A Perfect Alternate Treatment

Regenerative therapy is a game-changer in today’s world of medicine. Through our non-invasive and non-surgical techniques, we can provide you with an optimum solution.


Reduced healing time backed by more fruitful results.

Avoid Surgery:

Avoid lengthy surgical procedures and go through stem cell and PRP therapy.

Recovery Time

Heal your pain within minimal recovery time.

No Anesthesia

Avoid partial or full-body anaesthesia through the procedure.

No Medication

With the exception of a little numbing medication, you will not have to rely on any medicines.

Low Risk

Using your cells minimizes the risk of your body going into attack mode.

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Imagine the possibility where you don't need pain medication or the need for a medical operation can be sustained or eliminated. There are now therapies available that may increase your body's natural ability to repair thanks to modern regenerative medicine technology. If you want to learn more about it, please contact us right now.

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When compared to surgery, stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are deemed a lower risk, with faster recovery and fewer problems. Surgery may be the right approach in some acute or severe instances, but most individuals choose non-surgical therapy, notably if an injury may be improved or repaired without surgery.

Steroid injections are practical tools for relieving some types of pain and are generally reimbursed by insurance. On the other hand, Steroid injections only provide temporary pain relief and do not effectively solve your condition. The regenerative therapies are aimed at the site of your damage and use your tissue to regenerate. They are intended to address the underlying cause of your pain in addition to providing pain relief.

These therapies do not produce immediate results. If you have an acute/persistent injury, you will notice improvement over many weeks. In the case of persistent injuries and pain, we track progress over months. We evaluate PRP 2 months following therapy. Over the course of 3-6 months, you should expect to see improvements after stem cell treatment. The number of treatments required to repair or manage your disease is determined by the severity and duration of your ailment. You will be told how many treatments you may expect to get to address your problem during your consultation with the doctor.

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Imagine the possibility where you don’t need pain medication or the need for a medical operation can be sustained or eliminated. There are now therapies available that may increase your body’s natural ability to repair thanks to modern regenerative medicine technology. If you want to learn more about it, please contact us right now.