10 Exercise Mistakes That Causes Knee Pain


Huge congrats on your dedication to fitness if you exercise. You’re improving your cardiovascular and respiratory health, increasing your stamina and vitality, and controlling your weight. However, there are moments when exercise just hurts – and not in a pleasant, “hard-earned” sense. You are not alone if you experience knee discomfort during or after a […]

How To Recover From Sports And Exercise Injuries?

How to recover from sports and exercise injuries

Being physically and mentally active is healthy for our bodies and minds. However, we might occasionally overdo it, leading to sprains, bruises, or torn muscles. We need time to recover, or else further damage may occur. If you’ve been injured, the first thing to consider is whether there was a specific occurrence or time when […]

Do You Have a Sudden Ankle Pain That Comes and Goes?

Do You Have a Sharp Pain in Your Ankle That Comes and Goes Here’s the Reason

The foot and the ankle joint play a major role in weight-bearing. Providing support and allowing mobility are the main functions of the ankle joint. To fulfill these roles, a complex system of ligaments, muscles, and tendons is in place. The pain in your ankle or foot can be originating from any of these structures. […]

10 Lifestyle Factors That Impact Your Pain

10 Lifestyle Factors That Impact Your Pain

Pain is usually a sign pointing that something is wrong in your body. The first step in treating pain is determining the underlying cause and then proceeding accordingly. With time, more and more treatment strategies are being developed in the form of advanced drugs. However, the impact of lifestyle can not be undermined in the […]

The Surprising Science (and Non-Science) of Enduring Pain

The Surprising Science (and Non-Science) of Enduring Pain

Pain is the most common initial presenting complaint in the majority of diseases. At times, the underlying cause can be difficult to diagnose plus the root cause may not be curable in a few cases. Living your life with pain can directly impact not only your quality of life but also many of your life […]

What is Achilles Tendinopathy?

What is Achilles Tendinopathy

The Achilles tendon is the strongest and largest tendon of the body. It connects the calf muscles with the heel bone. The main function of this tendon is to pull the front of the foot, the toes, downwards as when standing on tiptoes. Achilles tendon plays a major role in movements such as walking, running, […]